Brihadeeswara Temple-Thanjavur, Tamilnadu -Historical Importance, Beauty, Engineering Technology involved in Temple Construction

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Brihadeeswara Temple-Thanjavur

Brihadeeswarar Temple located in Thanjavur , Brihadeeswarar and Lord Shiva. 107 long paragraph listing on the walls record contributions of Raja Raja Chola and his sister Kundavi to this temple. It is a fortress, the walls were added during the 16 century. Temple Vimana is 200 feet and said Dakshina Meru. Shikhara octagonal designed and based on a block of granite weighing 81 tons. The device was made in specially designed ramp that began about six kilometers from the temple of Nandi find around the shikhara, and pleasure in the upper part is 3.8 m. There are hundreds of data Wiman Shivalingam plaster – … Peruvudaiyar, Rajarajeswaramudaiyar -. Located in a two holy walls are covered with frescoes and statues of saints.
Prakaram around the temple walls were built by Raja Raja Chola big “S phase columns paragraph in the corridors and damp walls are covered with frescoes, Nandi Shiva Lingam. Perry Nayak Temple This temple is the addition of a Pandya period.
Many of the 108 jobs in Bharata Natyam here, including the various manifestations of Shiva (as Aadalvallaan – Nataraja, a trip to Rainbow Taka, Dakshinamurti etc.) paints, display table or wall are wonderful. Interior and exterior walls of the temple is covered with photos.
Santos ardhamandapam mahamandapam mukhamandapam and achieved an impressive performance. All inputs and Mandapam prakarams are large, which indicates the capacity that existed at that time. Book here refers to Shiva as Dakshina Meru and Aadavallan Vitankar. Nandi dates here in Nyack and has its own Mandapam. This monolith, weighing 25 tons and 12 meters high and 20 meters.

Brihadeeswara Temple-Thanjavur

Brihadeeswara Temple-Thanjavur

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